Moore Boat
Moore Boat is proud of our ability to build some of the most uniquely innovative, custom, and dependable boats in the marketplace.
We are a forward thinking company that specializes in platforms used in a wide variety of applications including (but not limited to) military, law enforcement, commercial and even pleasure. 
Moore Boat was created based on a void in the marketplace.  We are “Boat People” foremost and our designs must work and that they do proficiently.  Our patented hull form is the culmination of multiple revisions and advancements, each one yielding a more well rounded and capable hull.  Our hull has the unique ability to excel in extreme shallow water all the while remaining more than capable in various sea states, surprisingly compliant.
Moore Boat is based just outside of Ocean City, Maryland and is 100% American owned & operated and employ some of the most dedicated craftsmen creating the best shallow draft custom aluminum boats possible on the market today.  For the production of our boats, we utilize state of the art TIG and MIG welding and water-jet cutting to ensure consistency and reproducibility.  Our engineering team utilizes the most advanced engineering and design programs available including SolidWorks™, Rhino™ and others to develop a design that is up to the tasks of thriving in the marine environment.  Our commitment to quality and innovation are second to none.
As inland waterways continue to silt in and dredging becomes more politically and financially difficult to undertake, it becomes evident that our boats deserve more than just consideration.  We welcome the opportunity to collaborate with clients to configure realistic solutions to their needs.  Contact us and see what we can build for you.  Expect Moore.
Moore 25
New for 2016